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What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal. If you wanna go old school and send us a cheque or money order, you can do that too.

How do I know you have received my order?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order.

Can I track my order?

Yes. You will be provided with a tracking number after your order is dispatched in your email inbox. You can track your order via the Australia Post or Sendle website.

What sort of packaging do you use to ship my product?

We use only 100% biodegradable materials, so you won’t be getting any nasty plastic surprises. We make sure your order is well protected and secure for its safe journey to you.

Do you have a store location for your Tea tree oil?

Our oils are available directly through our online store or at selected funky retailers that we love. See our wholesale oils page (LINK) to find out where.

Do you sell Tea tree oil in bulk?

We do. We sell our oil wholesale by the litre or the drum. Our wholesale oil is in high demand, so contact us for more details. We love working with other like-minded businesses who want to use our oil in their products. We only work with companies that match our passion for quality and sustainability.

Do you plan on making any other products?

Yes. We are excited to be releasing a Tea tree hydrosol at the start of 2021 and have more plans to extend our offering over the next 12 months. In line with our ethics, we are planning on producing products that are plastic-free, simple and high quality.

Do you make any essential oil other than Tea tree?

We specialise in Tea tree oil but do plan on producing some other native Australian essential oils in the near future. Follow us on Instagram or sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay connected.

Do you offer a refill service?

In short, yep! Simply return your bottles to us, and we will refill them for you. We'll even offer a 10% discount and cover the outgoing cost of postage to get the fresh stuff back out to you. We are currently working on providing refill services at some of our stockists, so stay tuned!

Are all Olive Gap Organic Farm products really grown on the farm?

Yes! Our farm consists of two locations, just down the road from each other, and both are part of our organic certification. Currently, we are growing most of the flowers at our home flower plot and plan to have more down on the ‘main farm’ with the Tea tree soon.

Is your Tea tree oil vegan friendly and cruelty-free?

We know being vegan is about so much more than what you eat, so we want to assure our plant-based friends that Olive Gap Organic Farm products are vegan friendly. We don’t farm cows for commercial meat, they just help us with the weeds. We can also assure you that we don’t ever test on animals. We test on our children instead!

Is all Australian Tea tree oil certified organic?

In a word, nope! Many people assume that as Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is native to Australia, that all Australian Tea tree oil is organic or at least chemical-free. This is actually not the case. Conventional farms use herbicides and pesticides to control weeds and pests on large Tea tree plantations and apply chemical fertilisers. We value being certified organic with ACO (Australian Certified Organic) as it assures our customers that we are adhering to strict environmental standards.

Do you offer tips on how to use Tea tree oil?

We love sharing with people all the ways you can use Tea tree for natural health, skin and hair care and eco cleaning products. Visit our family blog (link) for a bunch of tips and tricks.

Can I visit your farm?

We love people but are not currently offering farm tours. People who are planning wedding flowers with us are invited to visit where the flowers are grown, and from time to time we have visitors come and check out what we are up to. Visits are by appointment only, so contact us if you're interested.

What does the term ‘Slow Flowers’ mean?

‘Slow Flowers’ is an umbrella term, referring to small scale flower farming for a local market. Akin to the ‘Slow food’ movement, the focus is on quality, not quantity and celebrates seasonal, local supply chains.

Are all ‘Slow Flowers’ organic?

Most flower farmers who use the term 'Slow flowers' are chemical-free or use non-organic inputs sparingly. We are one of only a handful of flower farms in Australia that has official organic certification. This means we can guarantee you that our flowers are chemical-free, safe to sniff and grown in the most environmentally sustainable way possible. Many of our flowers are edible too!

What type of flowers do you grow?

We are located in the subtropics of Australia, so we grow a range of flowers seasonally that suit our warm climate. Here is a quick idea of some regulars you might find:

Summer: Fragrant roses, dahlias, zinnias, queen anne’s lace, yarrow, cosmos, gomphrena

Autumn: Fragrant roses, dahlias, zinnias, strawflowers, sea holly, stock, sunflowers

Winter: Stock, strawflowers, bells of Ireland, late winter bulbs, sunflowers

Spring: Ranunculus, jonquils, stock, snapdragons, sweet annie, larkspur, anemones, roses

We use a mix of mainly native foliage (including Tea tree!) and are moving towards offering more native flowers in the future.

Do you offer flowers for weddings?

Yes, we do. We offer a full wedding flower service within the Northern Rivers area. If you’re outside this area, get in touch with us to see what we can do. Tara is our resident floral designer and loves to work with couples to tailor things to your unique style and needs. Visit our weddings page for more info. If you looking for something a bit more DIY and wanna get creative with our beautiful flowers, visit out by the bucket (link) page or contact us for more details.

Can I get flowers delivered?

Before ordering flowers, it’s best to get in touch to find out what we have available. As we are a small farm, we often sell out or have commitments to our stockists or an event. The best way to find out quickly is to DM us on Instagram or call Tara directly on 0439 605 333. We offer a limited delivery service in the Northern Rivers area, and delivery fees apply. We also offer farm gate pick up at no charge.

Where can I buy your flowers from?

This changes from season to season but some regular outlets are:

 Evans Head Farmers Market 

Our Little Flower Flower Farm @ 

Newrybar Merchants

and other local florists who support local organic flowers.

Follow our Instagram for updates or DM or email us at

How can I best look after my flowers?

If you want to get the most out of your fresh flowers, then think of them as a little pet. As soon as you get them home, snip the bottoms of the stems at an angle to allow them to take in more water and place them in a clean vase with fresh water. A little drop of Tea tree oil or bleach will also keep the water clear and stop bacterial from building up. Change the water every 2 days and snip the bottoms again each time. Flowers are still living things, so keep them out of direct sunlight if you can.

Don't forget, you can dry most flowers! When they start looking a bit old, you can hang them upside down in a well-ventilated dark area and allow them to dry. In a few weeks, you’ll have some lovely dried petals for craft activities, homemade biscuits or anything else you can think of.

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